Clean & Sober Living

Structured Living at Incentives, Inc.

First and foremost, we do not allow any illegal or illicit drugs, including alcohol and steroids. If clients are on prescribed medication at any time during their stay, the Incentives staff must be informed. Residents must be willing to submit to regular drug and alcohol testing to ensure the safety of the client and the community.

All Incentives clients must obey a community wide curfew. This is to help teach responsibility and maintain structure not only in the community but in each individual’s own life. In addition, all clients must attend a mandatory weekly community meeting every Sunday at 6PM featuring lectures and recovering speakers from the community.

All residents are required to seek employment or attend school while living at Incentives. Living a structured and active lifestyle with work, school, regular 12 step fellowship meeting attendance, and participation in that 12 step fellowship with a sponsor and step work is a requirement while living at Incentives and is critical in maintaining long term recovery.