Incentives Recovery House of Boca Raton

The staff and ownership of Incentives, Inc., are members of the recovery community. Our understanding of halfway house living comes from our own experience – we understand. Incentives, Inc. was established  in 1996 to meet the needs of recovering addicts and alcoholics, and the staff’s experience and continuous recovery goes as far back as 1985.

Through the years, the Incentives, Inc. program has been carefully formulated with a basis in unity, responsibility, and commitment. We have respect and compassion for the newcomer that stems from strong family values, and the implementation of a 12 step program.

The director on call 24 hours a day and staff members readily available, we ensure a hands-on approach. We choose to live what we teach.

We have both professional and personal relationships with most local treatment centers and detox programs, as well as many programs across the country. Incentives, Inc. has a broad base of referral sources for therapists, psychiatrists, and certified counselors.